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    End the Silent Sales Floor

    Tenbound helps improve the performance of your Sales Development program

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    End the Silent Sales Floor

    Tenbound helps improve the performance of your Sales Development program

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Tenbound is 100% focused on Sales Development. We help start or improve your Sales Development program through events, training and consulting programs.

More meetings, more sales. Tenbound

Perform an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your current Sales Development program and report on potential improvements.

Design and build your Sales Development program from the ground-up, or re-energize it to maximize live conversations, appointments set, and business closed.

Building a successful SDR program starts with people. Learn effective recruiting, onboarding, training, coaching, and all the tools you need.
  • Program Diagnostic Assessment

    Setting up a new Sales Development (SDR) program, or struggling to get your current program on track? Tenbound can help.

    We offer a comprehensive assessment of your program, followed up with a detailed diagnostic report based on the findings of the assessment and steps for moving forward.

    We will come to you, sit with your SDR team, observe their workflow, interview each member and manager, pull your data, and submit to you a report on what we've observed with suggestions on how to move forward.

    The report is provided with no further obligations.

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  • A Fresh Perspective

    Need immediate help setting up, reorganizing or scaling your SDR program?

    Finding experts in the field of Sales Development is becoming more of a struggle. However, you have to hit your pipeline numbers today, not some time when you find the right leader.

    Tenbound is ready to help. Today, not tomorrow.

    With deep experience setting up and running high performing Sales Development programs, Tenbound is ready to jump in with a fresh pair of eyes and get your technology, workflows, org charts, hiring profiles and success metrics up to industry standard.

    We are available to set up on-boarding and training programs specific to SDRs, assist in interviewing SDRs and SDR Manager candidates, hiring and reorganizing underperforming SDR programs and outsourcing your research function.

    Inbound, Outbound or Hybrid, any approach you need help bringing up to speed, we have the expertise to help. Sign up for a Diagnostic Program Assessment today.

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  • Sales Development Management Training

    Tenbound Sales Development Management training has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of running a successful Sales Development program, with actionable insights participants can implement immediately post-training.

    It is aimed at anyone who wants to run a successful program (SDRs/Team Leads), or is currently running one (newer SDR Managers, CEOs or other Executives).

    Through a series of discussion points, activities and handouts, we will dive in the following aspects of setting up and running a Sales Development program. Available in a public seminar and online format.

    Result: more calls, more meetings and more qualified opportunities.

    No more silent sales floor!

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  • GitLab
  • Performance Horizon
  • Opswat
  • Glint
  • Helpshift
  • Myagi
  • Buildfire
  • Port53

Driving Sales Success for Our Clients

  • “We hired Tenbound to help establish, optimize and manage our Sales Development team, and were very impressed with the results they were able to drive in a very short time. They structured the team to support our unique business and implemented SDR training, processes and procedures leading to almost immediate growth in activities, results and outcomes. They are very knowledgeable of the tools and processes for Sales Development, and were able to negotiate favorable deals with several vendors for us to create a modern SDR stack. If you’re looking to start or turn-around your Sales Development program, I’d definitely recommending hiring Tenbound. You’ll save a lot of time, frustration and money through their experience.”

    Jeff Garon
    Senior Director of Sales, OPSWAT

Our Latest Research Report: The State of Sales Development

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