Almost everyone thinks salespeople are all about beating their competition (well, there might be a little truth to that). But in reality, many people who work in sales are also motivated to help other salespeople succeed and advance their careers.

Social media has become a bullhorn for top sales influencers, and these easy-to-use (not to mention, free) platforms are something you should absolutely be active on in order to stay current in your sales strategy and become a sales influencer yourself.

Following the right sales influencers on social media channels can give you a lot of insight into best practices, new trends, tips and advice, and help you find ways to connect with prominent thought leaders. Check out a few sales influencers we like to follow:

  1. Kyle Porter
  2. Sean Sheppard
  3. Jill Rowley
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk
  5. David Dulany
  6. Trish Bertuzzi
  7. Lori Richardson
  8. Jill Konrath
  9. Morgan Ingram
  10. Aaron Ross

5. David Dulany

David is a great person to follow on Twitter, mostly because it gives you easy access to his Sales Development Podcast, where he has a really interesting take on the role of the SDR and how it can make the entire Sales Dev community better.

Additionally, David is the lead consultant at Tenbound, a program that helps teams build an SDR infrastructure from scratch. He is an excellent sales professional to follow if you are working on a lean team or startup that is just starting to build pipeline and set up a sales strategy.

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