Need to crush your Q2 quota? Check out this tried and true method for inbound engagement. It’s all about layers of contact to make a big impact.

Phase One

The Task:
Visit the person’s LinkedIn profile

The Why:
Every time you visit someone’s page your name will show up on the prospects page under Analytics.

Phase Two

The Task:
📞 Call them for the first time at 10-15 minutes before the top of the hour.

The Why:
Most people have meetings that start at the top of the hour. This increases your chance of getting them on the phone.

The Script:
If they answer, your script could look like this: 👇🏼

“Good morning {{first name}}, how are you doing? This is _____from _____. We received your inquiry for_____ on _____, and I am reaching out to learn how I can help.”

Phase Three

The Task:
Suppose they don’t answer, hang up and try back 10 minutes later or leave a voicemail.

The Script:
VM script could look like:

Hello Pete,
This is David from xyz.
I am responding to your inquiry for more information.
Tim, I will send you an email, but if you prefer to reach out via phone my number is 555-555-555.
Again, this is David, from xyz, and my number is 555-555-555.
Looking forward to hearing from you Pete!

Phase Four

The Task:
Email Them – Send them an email following up on your VM. 👇🏼

Hello Pete,
Just left you a voicemail in response to your request. Let me know how I can help. You can hit reply or call me back at 555-555-555.
I look forward to hearing from you Pete.

If it’s easier, feel free to book time on my Chili Piper🌶 link here 👈🏼

P.S- How about those Blue Jay’s 10-6 start (If you see that your prospect is a die-hard fan, try and build rapport with them early on. Your engagement rates will skyrocket 🚀 ). Not sure if you’re familiar with gambling, but I was in Vegas last week and bet $100 to win $900. It’s a lock, right? 😉  (VEGAS ODDS +900)

Email Must-Have:
Make sure your signature includes your company name, phone number, LinkedIn, Instagram, links. Your prospects will be able to learn more about your company even if they don’t respond. Sometimes the win is the prospect opening up your email. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response right away!

Key Takeaways 👇🏼

📞  Open the call immediately by addressing, “Why are you calling/emailing me?”
🗣  Let them know you sent a voicemail, signaling that you are persistent.
🎬  {{Call-to-action}} in the close – “Looking forward” – tells Pete he needs to take action.
📧  The P.S is used to build rapport with your prospect. #BlueJay’sExample ⚾️
✍🏼  Email signature tells Pete “who is calling” – If they are busy executives, it’s crucial that you give them an option to book on your Chili Piper or calendar link that your company is using.

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