2022 Health and Safety Terms

Tenbound endeavors to provide a safe and comfortable opportunity for people attending any of Tenbound’s in-person events (“Live Event”). Tenbound requires the cooperation of all in-person attendees to follow local, state, and federal guidelines and Tenbound’s protocols described below to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. All those planning to attend in-person (including speakers, sponsor representatives, and attendees) will be required to adhere to these 2022 Health and Safety Terms (“Terms”) as a condition of entering any Live Event in 2022. As COVID-19 and pertinent health and safety guidelines evolve, these Terms will continue to be adapted and updated.

As a condition of entering the Live Event, all in-person speakers, sponsor representatives, and attendees (“Attendees”) must:

  • Provide Verbal Certification of Negative Results of a Home COVID Test TAKEN THE MORNING OF the Live Event at Registration/Check-In. As a condition of entering the Live Event, Tenbound requires that all Attendees take a home COVID Test the morning of the Live Event prior to leaving their home or hotel to attend the morning of the Live Event. At the time of in-person registration/check-in, all Attendees must certify that they have taken such a test and obtained negative results (which means, no positive results either). Attendees are responsible for purchasing their home tests. If an Attendee forgot to take a home test, there will be a very limited amount of home test kits available at Registration for which Attendee may obtain at cost. Tenbound highly recommends that Attendees purchase their home test well before the Live Event as there is no guarantee that tests will be available on the day of the Live Event. Anyone who cannot provide certification as described above will not be permitted to attend.
  • Pass Temperature Checks and Screening at Registration/Check-In. As another condition of entering the Live Event, Tenbound will require that all Attendees complete screening at the time of in-person registration/check-in, which include temperature checks and confirmation that they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that are new or not explained by another condition, or who are are subject to any isolation or quarantining guidelines. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 Fahrenheit or who do not pass the COVID screening questions will not be permitted to attend.
  • Face-Coverings. Tenbound strongly encourages that all Attendees wear appropriate masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times, except when eating, drinking, or presenting on stage.
  • Sanitization and hand washing. The venue will have hand sanitation stations and handwashing stations. Those in attendance will be expected to frequently wash and sanitize their hands.

Tenbound reserves the right to turn away speakers, sponsor representatives, attendees and/or other patrons who are not able to certify that they have negative results to a home COVID-test TAKEN THE MORNING of the in-person event or who do not satisfy the COVID screening procedures at the time of in-person registration/check-in.

Registration fees are non-refundable. However, if any Attendee is unable to attend a Live Event due for COVID-related or other medical reasons, Attendee may request a credit towards attendance at a similar Tenbound Live Event by emailing amanda@tenbound.com.

Despite Tenbound’s efforts, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present, especially indoors. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness or death. As a condition of attending the Live Event, all Attendees voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and must agree to follow all safety protocols, including the protocols detailed above.