5 big takeaways from Tenbound Conference

We recently gathered the Top Minds in Sales Development in one place, over one day in Austin, Texas for the Tenbound Sales Development Conference.

The theme of the conference was EVOLVE – and based on the talks, the speakers are thinking hard about where Sales Development is going and how we can best react to the crazy times happening in our economy right now. 

One thing is for sure, companies continue to need Pipeline & Revenue, now more than ever.  

The skills of great Sales Leaders and SDRs will always be in high demand, especially now. Actually, now more than ever. 

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Old-school grit and determination are making a comeback. We can no longer “phone it in”, especially in this economy. JR Butler (Shift Group) gave a great speech about how the fine art of hustle has taken a backseat to looking for silver bullets and shortcuts in Sales. It’s actually easier to stand out today by working harder, being goal-oriented, and being more disciplined. Watch: Recruiting and Hiring Techniques for A Player SDRs and Salespeople
  • Solid RevOps is the key to success in a tech-fueled sales world. Today, you must think of your Go-to-Market holistically vs siloed departments. In the panel Cole Evetts (QuotaPath), Sindre Haaland (SalesScreen), and Steve Eror (Signals) with Moderator Derrick Williams (3Link Consulting) discussed how a well-designed RevOps system can be crucial in ensuring SDRs are seamlessly spending their time doing the most important part of their job: having conversations with potential prospects. Watch: The RevOps Foundation: How it supports Sales Development teams
  • Your SDR and Sales Teams need strong leadership at all levels, and leadership is not determined by your title. Sales Development experts Jessica Nelson (LeadIQ), Nathan Steele (Owler) James Barton (Venafi), and moderator Erin Jones (Auctane) as they discussed how to Evolve your leadership in our new reality. Watch: Evolving Sale Development Teams in our New Reality
  • Diversity and inclusion make your sales team stronger and more resilient. Look beyond your usual recruits. Krystelle Asaker (ZoomInfo) discussed her always-evolving approach to diversifying SDR success, along with tactical ideas to adopt for your own teams. Assessing your hiring strategy is the first step to diversifying your SDR team–but it’s just the first step. Creating an inclusive culture that supports underrepresented groups and encourages ownership is key to maintaining a high-performing, diversified team where employees feel valued and supported. Watch: Encouraging Diversity in SDR Sales Success
  • Regardless of your business approach, outbound never ends, and building your community matters. People are social and rely on the group to achieve their goals. Join Jeff Ha (Rev), Joe Cronin (Koncert), Krystelle Asaker (ZoomInfo), and Moderator Lexi Kenneally (Pluralsight) as they dive into fresh and innovative outbound sales approaches and how to build a solid network in today’s economy. Grab your swipe file! Watch: Innovating Sales Approaches for the Future

For all the Conference Talks check out the Tenbound YouTube Channel here

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