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Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, David Dulany joins the show to discuss the latest trends he’s noticed in sales tech.

David is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, a Research, Advisory & Events firm that is focused 100% on Sales Development. Their mission is to help companies achieve higher pipeline and revenue.

Today, Thom and David talk about the evolution of sales roles into more distinct and specific categories, the importance David places on employee assessments both before and after the hiring process, and how David gets his team members to embrace and utilize the sales tech stack he implements at Tenbound.

Finally, David shares some key takeaways from his book and provides best practices on how to build an efficient and successful SDR program.

What We Covered:

00:45 – Thom introduces today’s guest, David Dulany who joins the show to discuss the work he does at Tenbound, trends he’s seeing in sales tech, and the future of Conversational Intelligence

03:46 – What inspired David to launch Tenbound

04:51 – David speaks to how sales roles have become more specific and siloed

07:49 – The importance David places on employee assessments both before and after the hiring process is complete

10:57 – David talks about the market map that he and his team utilize and the one technology that has had the greatest impact on his clients

12:13 – Why data is the lifeblood of sales development

14:04 – How David gets his team to embrace sales tech and actually utilize it

16:04 – David talks about key takeaways from his book, The Sales Development Framework

17:31 – Steps for building an efficient and successful SDR Program

18:39 – David speaks to how SDRs can help bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales

20:21 – David speculates on the future of sales tech

21:39 – Thom thanks David for joining the show today and lets listeners know how to connect with him and Tenbound


“The first and foremost thing that you should definitely take a look at is the Conversational Intelligence space. Being able to plug in and analyze conversations that are happening on the sales floor – whether it be the SDR team, the AEs, or customer success – is just a complete game-changer.” (01:52)

“The hypothesis is that you want to have people stay in their lanes and really focus on distinct work activities. Prospecting – going outbound, making cold calls, making lists, doing research, following up on inbound leads – is a specialty.” (06:06)

“When it comes to assessments, people go with their gut a lot in the hiring process or they go with what’s on the sheet. But if you start to look into the capabilities of some of these tools, it’s much deeper than just a gut feeling. They use behavioral analytics and scientific analysis to really make sure you have the right people.” (09:46)

“Data is the lifeblood of sales development, especially outbound.” (12:31)

“We wrote the book as a way to look at the Sales Development Program and say, ‘Ok, let’s level set. How do you actually run an SDR program? How do you run it efficiently and make sure it’s got the best chance for success?’” (17:04)

“From a leadership perspective, the Heads of Marketing and Sales really have to be in alignment based on what they’re expecting from the SDR team and how to get that performance up to the standard that they’re looking for.” (19:34)

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Tenbound Website



The Sales Development Framework Book

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