About Tenbound

Research, Advisory & Events Focused on Sales Development

Tenbound is a Research and Advisory firm focused and dedicated 100% to Sales Development Performance improvement. The Sales Development industry has exploded over the past few years; however, expertise in the subject is still rare. Tenbound aims to uplevel the profession through cutting edge research, high quality events, and highly practical consulting, training and coaching programs for all levels of the Sales Development team.

More Appointments. More Pipeline. More Sales.

Our Team

David Dulany

Founder & CEO

Katherine Dulany


Pete Mickartz

VP Revenue

Amanda Taylor

Senior Project Manager

Chris Houghton

Senior Marketing Director

Hannah Sullivan

Senior Project Manager

Derrick Williams

Senior Sales Development Consultant

Kristina Cayabyab

Marketing Coordinator

Eric Mogul

Senior Sales Development Consultant

Trusted Partners

Michael Levy

Principal & Senior Analyst
GZ Consulting

Renee LaRose

Ray Rike

Founder & CEO

Ben Hopfer

Graphic Designer
Hopfer Design
Tenbound is a proud sponsor of the Hellyer Volodrome