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Why Cold Call?

It goes without saying that buyers today have a very different set of tools at their disposal versus just 10 or 20 years ago. There’s …

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Peter Kazanjy and the Modern Face of Sales

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to talk with Peter Kazanjy, the founder of Atrium Sales Analytics and the Modern Sales Pros community, on …

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SDRs: Are you in control of your calls?

Nick Psaros is the Director of Sales Development at Lastline, Inc. Find more about Nick on his LinkedIn profile. The Sales Development world has come …

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Get approval to attend the Tenbound Sales Development Conference

Coming to the Sales Development conference? Start planning now! Your strategy to get approval to make it happen. Congrats… you are most likely reading this …

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5 Things Learned at the Tenbound Sales Development Conference

The 3rd annual Tenbound Sales Development Conference took place in last fall San Francisco, with over 500 of the top minds in Sales Development.  This …

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Nhungly Dang - Leaders in Sales Development

Leaders in Sales Development: Nhungly Dang

This time in our Leaders in Sales Development series, we talk to Nhungly Dang,  Sr Director, SDR & Sales Ops at Lattice Engines.    Tell …

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