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Sales Development in New Industries, with Jason Klumpp of Segment

Jason started off studying biology, but quickly realized he didn’t want a research job. Instead, he wanted a career where he could interact with people …

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Now available: the best boss in tough times! Mr Pep Talk

Sales Development is tough, especially now. Make things a bit easier with the best boss ever on your desk! MR PEP TALK.  Squeeze his belly for …

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Breaking the Mold for SDRs, with Karlie Morien of NetBase Quid

From her first retail sales job to building and leading a global Sales Development team, Karlie Morien has had plenty of experience at all levels …

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Effective Sales Development with David Dulany of Tenbound

David Dulany is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, a research and advisory firm focused and dedicated to sales development, performance, and improvement. They provide …

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Recruiting and Retaining a Top Sales Development Team, with Daniel DeFilippo of Mimeo

Daniel DeFilippo started out as a public accountant. However, he soon found himself bored out of his mind. The breaking point came when he fell …

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Using Personalization in Sales Development, with Lauren Wadsworth of Segment

Lauren didn’t have a traditional start in Sales Development; After studying molecular biology and theology, she spent four years researching termites. However, meeting some sales …

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Building a High-Performing Sales Development Team, with Robert Simmons of AuditBoard

After graduating, Robert decided to go into Sales; a good fit as he enjoys meeting and talking to new people. Following the advice of his …

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Standing out in Sales Development, with Stephan Gray of SteelHouse

From his first job as a box office cashier, Stephan has always had a taste for sales. Drawn to the consultative approach, he took on …

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Now Available- The Tenbound Sales Development Market Map V5 and Tool Directory!

First released in 2018, the Tenbound Sales Development Market Map is now in it’s fifth release, and continues to expand.  This version is accompanied by …

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Managing Multiple Sales Development Teams, with Kelly Cabatuan of Alteryx

For Kelly Cabatuan, sales is her second career. Fresh out of college, she started a business with her husband-to-be, which they successfully ran for 10 …

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Change Management for Sales Development Teams, with Erik Estabrook of SocialChorus

Erik started his career in the marketing department at Gatorade as part of the ‘Mission Control’ team. As he spoke to more salespeople though, sales …

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Sales Development with Attitude, with Faith Thomas of KeyNode Solutions

When it comes to Sales Development, Faith has seen it all. From her first sales position while still in high school to working for a …

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