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The Ultimate Sales Development Glossary

Sales Development is an important function in many companies today, but it can also be confusing. What’s the difference between a lead and a prospect, or a sales funnel and a pipeline? Is your company’s CAC higher than your CLTV

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Webinar about the role of an SDR

SDR’s: Cold Callers or Strategic Partners?

David Dulany, Founder of Tenbound discusses the evolution of the SDR (Sales Development Representative) role from cold caller to marketing’s strategic partner, and how aligning with the SDR team can make or break the success of your next marketing campaign.

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What is a Chief Revenue Officer?

  A few years ago, the CRO role came bursting on the scene, with the promise of unifying Marketing, Sales and Success into one coherent Revenue unit. Fast forward and the dream never really materialized. What happened? And can the

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The Definitive Guide to Sales Development

In the beginning, there was sales. For a long time, it was as simple as that.  Salespeople would work their Rolodex and run the full sales process with just one goal: ABC, Always Be Closing.  However, the idea that one

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Thoughts and Strategy on Cold Calling

I still answer the phone. Even when a caller ID shows a number I don’t have saved or don’t recognize, I’ll usually answer it. You never know. The caller might be…  The emergency room. My wife calling from the coffee

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Top 3 Skills Every SDR Should Develop Now

I frequently encounter articles which include the word “have” in the title. I wanted to write mine without that word. It wouldn’t feel right to say “Top 3 Skills Every SDR Should HAVE”. Skills are trained, developed, and mastered. They

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The Future of Remote Work in Sales Development

While some sales roles include the highly mobile sort of work that require practitioners to spend a great deal of time outside of the office, we know that doesn’t apply to SDRs! After all, Sales Development Representatives are typically tethered

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