Virtual Sales Development Coaching

Virtual Sales Development Coaching

Tenbound provides ongoing coaching programs for both Sales Development Managers and SDRs/BDRs tailored specifically to their needs to help guide them to running a highly successful program and to set more appointments, gain more pipeline and land more revenue. Coaching sessions happen weekly over Zoom.

Available via Zoom and/or online self-paced modules. Unlimited online self-paced courses are included in Tenbound Plus.

Sales Development Manager Coaching ​

Running a high performance Sales Development program is a huge challenge. Top performers seek counsel from experienced Sales Development experts to guide them toward achieving their aggressive goals. Using the Tenbound Sales Development Management Operating System framework, our trusted experts meet with members regularly to help guide and support them along their journey to success.

Sales Development Rep Coaching

Sales Development Managers tell us the most painful and time-consuming part of their job is doing live role plays / mock calls over the phone with their reps. Especially for larger teams where there is literally not enough time in the day to do it on a regular basis. Give it to Tenbound. Our team of experts will spend time each week with your reps on the phone doing live role play practice and mock calls over and over until your reps are fluent in objection handling, articulating your value proposition, and asking for the appointment.