3Link Consulting Overview

Northern California
1-10 employees
Implementing a Sales Development practice can be complex with an assortment of potential pitfalls. We work with our clients to ensure they avoid wasted time and investments, costly distractions to the business, cultural resistance, and most importantly, a Sales Development practice that doesn't sputter out poor performance. 1. Get more done with less - We fill skill gaps. You don't have to hire an army to support the strategy. You don’t have to spend time managing the project. You experience far fewer distractions to the business. Your staff isn’t overburdened by the weight of the project. 2. Scale faster - We are fast and effective. You will start to increase your company’s growth rate, sooner. You will capitalize on changes in the market much faster. 3. Control costs - We are flexible and affordable. You are able to maximize your investment in Sales Development. You are not obligated to a long term arrangement. You can design and test with flexibility before going live.
We're not based on theory, with nearly 10 years of hands-on experience building and managing SDR teams our clients can rest assured that they're being supported by a true Sales Development implementation consultant. We help clients in a variety of industries, including SaaS, Manufacturing, and Medical Devices, with an assortment of routes-to-market, such as direct, multi-channel and product-led. In addition to our consulting projects, we also offer SDR recruiting and sales training services. Most of our new clients go with 3Link to help with their Sales Development practice over hiring a full-time SDR Manager, based on the above reasons but also because there's no long term commitment and employment matters to deal with. Our staff augmentation model provides companies with the flexibility they need while building and testing their growth strategies.
3Link implement the first-ever Sale Development team at HydroWorx Inc. and in the first 6-months of hiring the 2 new SDRs, we generated over $300,000 in actual influenced revenue and over $3.5M in new pipeline growth. HydroWorx then contracted with 3Link for a second project to lead their Sales Process Mapping initiative. This included supporting the redesign of their sales processes and customizing their instance of Salesforce CRM to support each stage of the sales process. 3Link established a new operating standard within 3-months working the existing HG Data Sales Development team which included an increase of over 200% in new Demos. 

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