Bizzit Overview

1-10 employees
Target prospects departments (HR, IT, C-Suite, etc) via sales relevant ratings like * How many cold calls it takes to reach a department * Stakeholders in a buying decision of that department * Shortcomings of a department-specific to selling technology and much more
Sign up via Give-2-Get now (free for you or your team), get login email, and to get B2B Data access (what you're here for!) give one rating on one of Bizzit's B2B Raters.  Ratings are not identifiable in Bizzit's B2B Data feature and are searchable/displayed in a similar way polling demographic data from a survey is, but instead, it's sales-related prospect data! Bizzit has 2 products, Bizzit's B2B Rater (for approved B2B~ers and teams) which can be found on Bizzit's own platform (free!) or add Bizzit on the Salesforce AppExchange now ($1/year)! The second product is Bizzit's B2B Data.  Sign up and try (Give-2-Get), or subscribe to see it all, via our pricing page for B2B data.

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