Kipwise Overview

1-10 employees

The most seamless knowledge management process on Slack

Direct Slack sign-in, handy slash commands and Slack actions to create and search for team knowledge directly in Slack, smart Slack bot to help automate your flow. You simply don’t need to leave Slack to build up your team knowledge base.

Connect the tools you use everyday Kipwise integrates seamlessly with the tools your team already uses like Google Drive, Confluence, Chrome, so setting up is easy and you no longer have to search in multiple places just to find a file. Build up knowledge base automatically through Q&A Couldn’t find something on Kipwise? Assign the question to a teammate, the Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered. Over time, Kipwise can learn from your questions to improve search accordingly. Smart Kipwise Bot to help automate your flow Kipwise bot can deliver the best answer from the knowledge base for your questions and save important team knowledge to Kipwise automatically.

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