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Charleston, South Carolina
11-50 employees
Prehired helps regular folks land software (SaaS) sales in ~12 weeks, with little to no charge until someone is working. And our LIFETIME membership helps them not only keep those jobs but keep leveling up, with ongoing access to our content updates, mentoring, job references, our active online members-only group, live trainings, our yearly summit and partner job opportunities.

Here are a few highlights which make Prehired different than other career trainers (and sales trainers):

  1. High average incomes. The first year median income is ~$73,000. The current second year median income is $110,000, but the sample size isn't big enough yet to be statistically significant. These numbers are across the U.S., including places without nearly as many software companies or as high average incomes as big cities like San Francisco, New York City or Austin.

  2. Choice of where to work. From our FAQ: Unlike other career trainers, we don't demand you move to drop you in any company we want to after your training. 

It can sound like a big perk when a trainer says they'll hook you up with work, but wouldn't you rather be confident you can land a job elsewhere when you decide to switch companies? That's true security in our eyes.

With that in mind, we show you a proven system to do outreach to companies YOU want to work for.

  1. Based on Income Share Agreements (ISAs). 99% of people who do the Prehired program choose to pay with an ISA regardless of credit history. People with sub-650 FICO scores only pay $250 per month (which counts toward their ISA payment cap) until they land jobs. (Terms: 12.5% for 48 months or $30k, whichever comes sooner)

  2. Rewarding action with ISA discounts. Our Let Prehired Pay Your ISA program rewards finishing the program faster, early payment and other actions by reducing the ISA payment cap.

  3. Hundreds of success stories. We have more than any other tech sales training program in the U.S. on major websites:

  4. Convenient for people working full-time and with families. Our training is 100% online and is video-based. Each member also has a one-on-one mentor for help with the material, earning their certification (by showing proficiency) and with their job search.

  5. Faster than coding bootcamps. The average person gets a job offer ~12 weeks in, investing ~1 hour per day. Coding bootcamps often take 6+ months to create a job after someone starts.

Also, many programs take weeks or months to even decide whether to admit someone. And then you have to wait more weeks to months to start the program. With Prehired, you can apply, interview, find out if you're offered enrollment and start the program within days.

  1. Guaranteed. Anyone who follows our program and doesn’t get a $60k+ software sales job offer pays nothing. See terms at 

Lifetime help. Prehired is the only tech sales training program with a lifetime membership, allowing continued access to content updates, one-on-one mentoring, job references, our active online members-only group, live trainings, our yearly in-person summit and partner job opportunities. The ongoing support is critical to maximize the economic impact, since 24% of Sales Development Representatives get fired (source: The Bridge Group’s Sales Development Metrics and Compensation Research Report). People also need help to grow over time.
We have hundreds of documented success stories, which you can see at: CourseReport reviews Facebook reviews LinkedIn reviews (scroll down to the written Recommendations section on our founder's, Joshua Jordan's, profile) Reviews on our website

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