Tribyl Overview

San Mateo
11-50 employees
Sales engagement tools pump up Activity Volume, while Tribyl drives Quality of every email and call. Tribyl’s customers are seeing: - Email open and response rates go up by 25% and 7% respectively - 1.5x increase in calls to meetings - 50% increase in call duration - 70% growth in sales qualified pipe - 50% reduction in ramp time

If you use a call recording tool, you know that extracting and sharing customer insights from transcripts is manual work (e.g., pain points, use cases, objections).  Tribyl removes this friction, while mining all data sources including emails and documents.

Email Personalization at Scale: Tribyl inserts prospect-relevant messaging into email sequences, including pain points, use cases, KPIs, and stories, improving open and reply rates.

Prescriptive Call Plans: Tribyl provides one-click access to discovery call plans, based on a reps' conversations with similar prospects, improving conversion.

Smart Note-Taking and Handoff: Tribyl processes calls and emails, and generates a deal summary in MEDDIC format.  This saves reps time, and makes coaching scalable and actionable

Conversational Content When It’s Needed: Tribyl provides bite-sized content and stories that can be easily injected into sales conversations. Content is ranked based on relevance to each prospect.

Data-driven Coaching: Tribyl enables data-driven coaching at scale. Is John getting better at identifying compelling events? Who's the best at storytelling?

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