VanillaSoft Overview

Plano, TX
51-200 employees
The easiest-to-use sales engagement platform according to G2. The highest-ranked solution according to TrustRadius. Stop sales rep cherry-picking and guarantee that every lead is relentlessly pursued. Triple your sales pipeline with VanillaSoft.
VanillaSoft is based on a queue system instead of a list system such as provided by Salesforce, SalesLoft or Outreach. A queue-based ensures no leads are ignored or only receiving one or two touches. It also ensures that the next best lead is presented to sales reps throughout the rep’s shift. Thus, web-based leads are immediately called. The priority queue is dynamic, rather than static like other vendor offerings, allowing for real-time adjustments based upon event triggers. These include web forms submissions, buyer intent data, user behavior, data changes, third-party integrations, etc. VanillaSoft is the easiest-to-use platform on the market. This ensures a rapid implementation time with a market-leading return-on-investment.

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