Fractional SDR Manager

Fractional Sales Development Leader (SDR Manager) Program

Starting your SDR program, or need some support to accelerate its growth?

Get your Sales Development team the support it needs instantly with the Tenbound Fractional SDR Manager program.

Tenbound is here to jump in and help in the implementation and execution of your internal Sales Development program through hands-on SDR training, coaching, team meetings and overall support to SDRs on a weekly basis.

We will even assist in hand-off of the program to a new SDR Director or Manager when hired!

5, 10, 20+ hours per week dedicated 100% to your success, we act as your SDR Manager and an operating partner to help take your program to the next level. Don’t do it yourself, let the Tenbound team do it for you!

All programs include Project Management support from a Tenbound operations support team member.

Tenbound will lead weekly 1:1 Coaching calls with individual your company SDRs to ensure they are getting enough structure, attention and focus to consistently hit their goals in lieu of having a direct manager. These calls will focus on reinforcing the skills learned on the job and utilizing the recommendations from the Tenbound research archive, including helping with specific issues, practicing role plays, solving problems, and working through individual challenges.

Tenbound will lead a weekly SDR Weekly Training to help reinforce skills development included in the Tenbound your company SDR training program:

Tenbound will lead weekly SDR Group Training Meetings with your company SDRs via Zoom, to help guide and coordinate the SDR program and ensure it is staying on track. Agendas can include: core fundamentals for mastering elevator pitch, call openings, objection handling, asking for appointments, inputting data correctly, understanding your company  personas and pain points, call scripts, SDR/AE co-working process, time management, product info, business acumen, use of fields.

Assistance with Hand Off to New SDR Manager/Director

Tenbound would assist in collecting all currently available material to support onboarding of the new SDR Director, and review all processes in place to ensure a smooth transition. Meet with the new SDR Manager/Director as needed, discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with the program, and ensure a seamless transition for the SDR team using the program materials and systems in place.

Fractional manager, analyst and project management time, and potentially include implementation of internal and external resources to specifically address operations and sales enablement at no additional charge to your company.  Project may also require utilization of new software and/or other service vendor solutions, which would be contracted directly between and the selected software vendor, at your discretion.

Accelerate your Go-To-Market Sales Development Career — Fast

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