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Tenbound Research Labs

You need a predictable Sales Pipeline. Your Sales team is busy closing deals, and there are only so many leads coming in.

What’s going to work now to build your SDR pipeline, and convert sales fast?

Tenbound Research Labs is here to help. We work with you directly to help solve your toughest Sales Development pipeline and revenue challenges as a dedicated partner, so you can focus on closing deals instead of constantly building pipeline.

The Tenbound Sales Development Research team will work with you directly to design, build and help execute validated prospecting plays – all powered by insights and processes that help build pipeline and prospect intelligence today. 

Utilizing the proprietary Tenbound Way Pipeline Development methodology, our team helps create, design and test your Sales Development processes, creating insights critical to your business success, all while building pipeline at the same time:

  • Run SDR Plays to Measure and Test Messaging Effectiveness
  • Build Qualified Sales Pipeline
  • Stress-test Your Current SDR Playbook
  • Test Your SDR Program Overall Readiness
  • Customize Your Buyer Research
  • Find True Product Market Fit
  • Deepen Persona Knowledge and Development

Questions Tenbound Research Labs can help answer:

  • Should you focus on outbound prospecting, inbound lead qualification, or a Hybrid model?
  • Should you sell direct, through channels, product-led, a combination of all?
  • Should your SDRs do prospecting or should they also handle part of the Sales process?
  • Should you hire SDRs at all? Are you ready to hire SDRs or do we need more validation?
  • Is your product a ‘disruption’ or ‘displacement’ and how should your sales motion change base on findings?
  • Have you truly achieved Product-Market Fit?
  • Who should your target market really be?
  • Do you need to focus on persona development?
  • Your SDR team failed and you need to restart while building pipeline fast. What now?

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