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AiSDR is your Sales Development Representative powered by generative AI technology. The AI is trained to manage both inbound and outbound lead communication through emails and texts. This system sends LinkedIn-personalized emails, and upon receiving a reply, AiSDR engages in dialogue, addressing questions, sending follow-ups, and screening potential clients.

This AI helps companies of various sizes and maturity enhance outreach operations, freeing up team time to concentrate on generating new business and closing deals.

AiSDR is engineered to reflect the unique communication style and tone of each user, crafting messages that are indistinguishable from those written by humans. The AI runs on complete auto-pilot without any human input needed, and its primary goal is to book meetings for clients. Clients can be confident in the messages the AI send due to:

  • The most extensive and configurable setup process available on the market. AiSDR gathers detailed information during the launch phase to guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of every message.
  • The algorithm and AI being based on strategies and frameworks developed by over 50 sales and SDR team leaders directly into its algorithm.
  • Personalization based on LinkedIn that encompasses bios and 3 recent posts to send relevant and effective pitches to prospects.
  • Monitoring intent through integration with Hubspot, allowing AiSDR to tailor its communications based on the prospect's readiness to buy.

AiSDR initiates first contact and maintains ongoing communication via email and text messages up until the leads convert. It aptly handles all follow-ups, questions, comments, and objections.

The AI dynamically adjusts its communication approach based on each lead, ensuring alignment with your sales goals. AiSDR addresses each incoming response within 10 minutes, to keep the conversation flowing at the prospect's comfortable pace, thus enhancing conversion.

From the get-go, AiSDR offers dedicated support to all clients for free, helping with setup and beyond, addressing ongoing concerns, and providing insights and growth recommendations.

Integration with Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Meetings, and Calendly allows for seamless performance tracking. All communications run through the client's Gmail or Outlook accounts, ensuring high deliverability.

AiSDR takes care of all stages of the outreach:

  • It allows adding unlimited leads from a native 700M+ lead database, importing CSV files with lead data, and syncing with Hubspot active or static lists.
  • The platform triple checks lead emails to maintain bounce rates below 5%.
  • All connected email inboxes are gradually warmed up to boost domain reputation and email deliverability.
  • Though fully autonomous, AiSDR offers users complete control by allowing users to step in and take over, or manually pause any conversation as needed.
  • The AI intelligently categorizes and addresses responses based on the context and prospect expectations, managing auto-replies, providing additional product info, sharing pricing details, including content links, handling objections, and more.

AiSDR excels in both inbound and outbound marketing, ensuring no prospects are lost, thanks to timely engagement. As a result, every message sent by AiSDR is uniquely tailored, creating a personalized experience that truly resonates with each prospect.

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