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At ConnectAndSell, we prioritize meaningful B2B sales conversations. Our mission is to revive the telephone as the ultimate sales tool. By combining it with our patented sales-acceleration platform, we empower sales reps to focus solely on vital conversations with decision makers. Since 2007, ConnectAndSell has enabled numerous B2B companies, from startups to enterprises, to enhance their sales pipelines by 5–8x. We've executed hundreds of millions of dials, resulting in over three million sales conversations.

ConnectAndSell isn't just another auto-dialer. Our cloud-based tech and global network of trained agents free B2B reps from the burdensome task of navigating gatekeepers, voice response systems, and voicemail. Our goal is to connect reps with decision makers who are tough to reach. Our agents don't converse with prospects directly. As soon as a prospect answers and identifies themselves, your rep joins the conversation in just 1/5 of a second.

In just 90 minutes, ConnectAndSell allows reps to engage more decision makers than they typically would in a week of traditional dialing. When ready for a sales conversation, reps simply press "Go," wait a few minutes, and start talking to decision makers. With automated CRM data entry and follow-up scheduling, reps can fully concentrate on selling. Enhanced productivity comes from consistent referral and follow-up calls, assisted by ConnectAndSell's teleprompter feature for precise follow-up discussions.

ConnectAndSell also offers real-time alerts for managers to monitor reps' calling efforts. This enables timely coaching to address issues before resources are wasted on poor lists, ineffective messaging, or skill gaps.

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2 reviews
  • Matt McCorkle

    We’ve used ConnectAndSell, Inc for over 5 years to accelerate sales conversations. Previously, the best inside sales reps generated 3 meetings a week with the majority of their time dialing the phone. Now, we generate 10+ conversations an hour and on average schedule nearly one meeting per hour. ConnectAndSell has enabled our average performance to be 10x better than the very best. Not to mention the time savings needed to generate those meetings. The only thing ConnectAndSell doesn’t do for us is overcome the psychological challenges of prospecting – fear of rejection, delayed gratification…

  • chatfunnels

    Great tool and a critical part of our GTM tech stack. This allows our sales reps to become full cycle AE’s by giving them the ability to a couple of hundred dials a day in a short period of time.

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