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Artificial intelligence for finding decision makers.

AI-powered sales prospecting platform born out of
Demand Inc. The platform validates contacts and uses
OpenAI’s language model to generate personalized
messages at scale. Lasso achieves less than a 1% bounce
rate and leverages best practices from over four
million emails delivered in the last year.

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2 reviews
  • Belen Ruiz Diaz

    Having Lasso is like having a super-smart assistant who finds decision makers lightning-fast. I’m thrilled with it and it’s also got an incredible knack for validating contacts and crafting personalized messages. It simplifies and saves time for the sales team, allowing them to focus on making sales. I’m happy with how user-friendly it is!

  • Kristian Guevara

    As a constant user of this platform, I can state that the email validation that they promise was completely accurate, if we’ve had more than one instance of emails bouncing that would be an overstatement. That being said, the other side of the coin for us is the personalization, and having done email outreach for years now the open rate but more importantly, the reply rate is pivotal and their platform hit it out of the park. Would 100% recommend them.

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