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AI Parallel Dialer

• AI Parallel dialer helps reps get 5x more connects
• Accelerate calling workflow with parallel dialing
• Coach & collaborate in a virtual bullpen

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1 review
  • Kristen Hatton

    In our effort to enhance our outbound strategy, we decided to transition away from heavily relying on emails & adopting a more diverse, multi-channel approach that includes phone calls, social media, video, and email.

    While operating fully remotely has its advantages, it does pose challenges to reps learning from one another as they would in an office setting. Our objective was to identify platforms that enable reps to make calls, listen in on live interactions with their peers, receive feedback from both peers and managers, and engage in enjoyable experience while doing it. The introduction of a dialer is an additional benefit, enabling us to increase activity within a shorter timeframe and connect only with individuals who actively answer their phones.

    We ended up purchasing Nooks for one of our SDR teams – while it’s still early, we have been able to book meetings much faster than we would have if we were manually dialing. I have also seen reps on our team level up their calling skills much faster than they would have if they were making calls on their own. The live feedback functionality is awesome. Nooks has been a great partner so far (we’ve been using it for a few weeks) and I’m excited to continue to prove out the ROI.

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