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Your key partner in unlocking insights for strategic sales decisions. With our tracking capabilities, we provide targeted intelligence through four crucial datasets.

News Events Data: We monitor some 18 million blogs, PR sites, and news platforms, delivering insights on 28 different categories such as new products, expansions, partnerships, funding, and more. This dataset equips your sales team with the latest information to tailor their outbound strategies, pitches, and conversations.

Job Opening Data: Revolutionize your prospecting strategy. Our direct extraction of job openings from company websites ensures you have access to the freshest, most accurate data. Identify potential clients and align your offerings with their evolving needs.

Technologies Data: Gain a competitive edge by understanding your prospect's technology landscape. Our dataset tracks technology usage, providing valuable insights from HTML, Javascripts, and job descriptions. Tailor your approach and find new leads based on a company's tech stack.

Key Customer Data: Our image recognition system connects B2B startups' customer logos with domain names. Identify key customers, partners, and vendors to build new lead lists, create a more personalized approach, and gain a bird's-eye view of the market.

At PredictLeads, we empower your sales team with concise, actionable insights, ensuring you're armed with the right information to close deals, build relationships, drive success, and more.

If you're interested in discovering more about how PredictLeads can enhance your business strategies and decision-making, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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