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SalesScreen is a global sales platform that combines gamification with data visualization to keep modern sales teams motivated and engaged. Our platform integrates with existing CRMs and makes work more collaborative through a range of peer-to-peer recognition and competitions. This in-team incentivization drive stronger revenue and better delivery of KPIs.

We make the process of selling into a team effort, combining individual motivational instruments with cultural aspects and a winning mentality. In short, we have transformed the challenging work of sales into a professional, motivating and exciting game. A game where all your employees will have fun whilst competing amongst each other for the top-position!

Launched in Norway in 2014, SalesScreen is now used by thousands of teams all around the world. Our mission is to help build top performing sales organizations by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding.

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SalesScreen 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Nicholas DeSalvo

    The platform give a lot of great ways to motivate sellers and also ways to keep things fresh, engaging, and exciting as well as allowing them to use the platform wherever they want (web, desktop, mobile, other integrations). From contests, to badges, to battles, and more there is a plethora of quality tools. Our sales executives have been very impressed by the platform as have we in compensation. Additionally our support and sales teams are extremely responsive and very focused on our success in using the platform as well as our success as partners.

  • Michaela Brown

    SalesScreen is very user-friendly and intuitive to use. Our sales team loves to battle it out in competitions and earn special rewards, which in turn motivates them and boosts company moral!
    In addition, the team at SalesScreen is responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns we may have!

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