In order to measure how Revenue Operations and ABX have affected sales organizations and company growth over the past year,, Demandbase, and Tenbound in partnership with RevOps Squared present the 2nd edition of the Customer Acquisition & RevOps Benchmark Report.

Revenue Operations is the convergence of Marketing, Sales Development, Sales, and Customer Service into a unified strategy and organization.

It’s been picking up speed among B2B companies, as leaders look to it as a solution to siloed inefficiencies and as a way to boost productivity and growth.

It’s also become a necessity to meet customer expectations. According to Salesforce, 78% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments, while 59% of customers say it generally feels like they’re communicating with separate departments, not one company.

Revenue Operations is the only function that can address this disconnect. Hand in hand with revenue operations, ABX (account-based experiences) has gained favor for similar reasons, due to its emphasis on sales and marketing alignment.