Benchmark Report: New Customer Acquisition, Revenue Alignment and Tools Technology

Published November 16, 2020

Customer Acquisition Benchmarks & Revenue Operations Alignment by RevOps2 and ringDNA

Latest industry-wide benchmarks including:

  • Participant Profile – By ACV
  • Participant Profile – By ARR
  • Revenue Team Alignment
  • Primary Executive Responsible for Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Frequency of Cross-departmental Alignment meetings
  • Frequency of Cross-departmental SLAs
  • Pipeline by Outbound Sales Development
  • Pipeline by Outbound Account Executive
  • Pipeline by Inbound Marketing
  • Pipeline by Source
  • New ARR – Source by Cohort
  • Activity Conversion Rates
  • Outbound Activity – Daily Rates
  • Sales Technology Investments
  • and more!

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