New Book: The Sales Development Framework

Published August 11, 2021
In The Sales Development Framework, David Dulany and Kyle Vamvouris lay out a proven approach detailing how to start, lead, manage, and accelerate your Sales Development program. Whether you are a seasoned executive who needs to jumpstart an existing program, a Manager running a team, an aspiring Team Lead, or a Sales Development Representative (SDR) who wants to step into a leadership role, this book will help you develop a course for success with your team, in your company, and your career.
Sales Development Framework Book

How to LAUNCH and SCALE your Sales Development (SDR) program WITHOUT the stress or wasted time and money most companies face! If you want to drive consistent sales and pipeline growth then this is the most important book you could ever read. Grab it before you hire your first SDR. But first, a warning. There is no silver bullet in Sales Development success.

It takes a process, a repeatable system, implemented and reinforced over a course of time. No tool, service, consultant or guru can ever replace a durable and repeatable system for success.

Now, you have that system. IntroductionIn this book, David and Kyle walk you through the Tenbound Sales Development Management Operating System, a proven approach for accelerating your Sales Development program and achieving a reliable sales pipeline.


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