Tenbound and RevOps2 Research Report.

Go-to-Market Executives, Sales Leadership and Sales Development professionals from companies of all sizes answered the call to provide feedback and insights into their performance metrics for Sales Development.

The research covered Sales Development metrics from a performance measurement perspective. The goal was to establish a foundation for on-going, quarterly sales development benchmarks to enable sales and sales development leadership to stay abreast on the current performance benchmark trends and development.

Our primary goal for this research was to provide sales development professionals and sales leadership a snapshot of the performance benchmarks heading into 2021 and an ability to see how they progress today and beyond.

One unique aspect of our research methodology and publishing process is that we analyze all benchmarks by company segmentation attributes (cohorts) including company size, average contract value, distribution model, target market(s), market and solution maturity and even funding source. This approach provides more granular and relevant insights into how your company’s sales development metrics measure up to your similar, like company cohort. [2021]