Summary: New and completely updated for this year. Including newly acquired functionality with the acquisition of AutoKlose.
In partnership with GZ Consulting, Tenbound is publishing a set of buyer profiles for Sales and Marketing Intelligence vendors. These reports are written to assist you with the purchasing decision and evaluation of the company.

The VanillaSoft sales engagement platform helps sales organizations improve their sales efficiency while making sales reps more effective. VanillaSoft supports standard sales engagement features including email templates, cadences/sequences, autodialing, call recording, scripting, appointment setting, lead routing and SMS marketing. Vanillasoft is based in Plano, TX.

Report Coverage

This 30-page report covers the following topics:

  • Company Overview
  • Content
  • Product Screenshots
  • Functionality
  • Key Products
  • Recent Enhancements
  • Futures
  • Unique Features
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Pricing
  • Resources

Tenbound reports are independently written by GZ Consulting