Erin Bush serves as the Senior Director of Revenue Operations for Lean Data (LeanData provides the Revenue Ops platform to manage all go-to-market motions to increase speed-to-revenue, improve the buyer experience, and better align sales and marketing ROI), and shared her insights to the growing field of Revenue Operations, crafted by her vast experience spanning sales development, management, operations and beyond.

Interesting takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Erin describes revenue operations as a customer focused, holistic approach to a company’s systems, data and processes that align to your entire customer journey and experience, merging and aligning the marketing, sales and customer success functions.
  2. Sales and marketing operations may be overlapping on various functions when siloed. By merging into Revenue Operations, efficiencies and savings can be realized, such as not having separate contracts with similar or the same vendors for different teams.
  3. Erin found success by building out the revenue operations function based on the go to market strategy of the organization. If your sales team is focused on accounts, build out your systems, processes and workflows accordingly with that top of mind instead of constantly tweaking a system intended for a different GTM plan.

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By Jeff Garon, Senior Researcher, Tenbound

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