Overall GTM Alignment Workshop

Sales Development Consulting

Unlock Your Team’s Potential: GTM Alignment Workshop

Align Your Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution 

Join our one-day intensive workshop designed specifically for Marketing, SDR, and Sales Leaders. At Tenbound, we bring together key stakeholders to address and resolve structural, cultural, and organizational inefficiencies within your Go-to-Market (GTM) teams. 

Our goal is to foster collaboration, streamline processes, and drive revenue growth through an efficiently integrated GTM program.

What You’ll Experience:

  1. Buyer Journey Mapping
    • Discover where your leads come from and why.
    • Identify key touchpoints and the team members who engage at each stage.
  1. Process Mapping 
    • Collaboratively map out current processes and compare across teams.
    • Develop ideal processes aligned with the Buyer’s Journey, highlighting misalignments and missing elements.
  1. Lead Development 
    • Define the role and expectations of your SDR team.
    • Align compensation and rewards structures with team and company goals.
    • Explore training, coaching, and career development opportunities for SDRs.
    • Understand how SDRs are connected to the success or failure of deals they initiate.
  1. Reporting, Data Analysis & Data Collection 
    • Share and analyze key metrics and KPIs across teams.
    • Identify relevant data that supports overall company goals and future improvements.
  1. The Theory of Constraints in Systems 
    • Learn how the Theory of Constraints applies to your GTM system.
    • Identify and discuss major choke points in your current system.
  1. Improvement Goal Setting 
    • Set proactive improvement goals to address identified choke points.
    • Develop actionable plans with clear role assignments, tracking mechanisms, and target dates.

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales, Sales Development, Marketing, Sales Operations, RevOps, Finance, HR/Compensation, Product Marketing, Product Management Leaders

What We Deliver:

  • A comprehensive report summarizing the workshop, findings, and action items.

What’s Next?

  • Schedule a follow-up assessment in 90-180 days to review progress and make necessary adjustments.
  • Engage Tenbound for custom consulting and training programs to implement workshop suggestions and maximize your team’s potential.

Join us at Tenbound’s Alignment Workshop and take the first step towards a more cohesive, efficient, and successful Go-to-Market strategy.