I Visited 100+ Booths at the SaaStr Conference: Here’s What I Noticed - 3 Big Takeaways

I Visited 100+ Booths at the SaaStr Conference: Here are my 3 Big Takeaways

I had the opportunity to visit the SaaStr conference in person this year, my 3rd time going. After being stuck inside way too long, this year I decided to make a huge effort to catch up with everyone, check out all the latest software tools, and see all my old friends in our industry.

It was awesome, an amazing experience. Highly recommended for anyone in our industry.

But I had another challenge. I wanted to see what was new for SaaS companies since the pandemic, specifically Sales and Marketing software related to Sales Development pipeline generation.

Tenbound gathers tools specific to Sales Development in our Market Map Directory, which is free to download and explore as you make your decisions.

Also, as a Conference organizer myself, I wanted to see how the Tool Expo Marketplace looked and performed.

So I made a plan, took some time to study the floor plan, and stopped by as many booths as possible. SDRs, Salespeople and Marketers, take note.

Here is what I learned:

  • Please! Engage your audience when you are standing at your booth

I saw several booths where the people working there turned their back to the audience, making it hard to engage with them to start.

Put your phone or laptop away unless you are giving a demo. It’s also helpful to acknowledge attendees as they walk by your booth. If allowed, you should also stand in front of the booth and engage people walking by.

I know that it’s been a while since so many people had the opportunity of presenting at a conference. I’m not sure if this should have been an excuse for how I felt visiting booths. It didn’t feel as engaging as I thought it should’ve been. Even if they don’t look like a hot prospect, make an effort to engage. 

  • Ask questions about the person you’re talking to.  

Remember, the people walking by don’t care about your company, your product, or what it does.  They care about themselves and the problems that they’re trying to solve.  Those are problems you can understand and potentially help them solve. Act accordingly.

Spend time talking about the person in front of you and try to dig out any problems they may have, like they are human beings and not a “prospect”.

Listening to irrelevant pitches over and over can result in people zoning out, especially with over 100 booths like at SaaStr. Talk about them, not all about you. If they start showing some relevance or interest, do a quick overview of your solution. But only if they want it. 

  • Focus on standing out and being memorable

After visiting too many booths, everything started sounding and looking the same to me. Another demo screen, another slide. Another gee-whiz moment.

As a sponsor, you’ll want to think about the experience that the attendees are having at the conference. How tired will they be, and what sessions will they have just come out of?

If you think about the attendees, you can work to create an experience that will ensure that they remember your booth and your company long after the event.

The one thing I remember is somebody handing me a stuffed giraffe … not sure what they were selling but I do remember it.

What have been some strategies you have used to maximize your time at events?

Bonus tip: Sign up for more Braindates. Braindates are an amazing program where you can set up “dates” with people before and during the conference and then meet with them. I filled my calendar with dates with amazing people doing awesome things we can help each other with.

What were your favorite parts of the show? Let us know your learnings by leaving a comment below.

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