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One of the most exciting new technologies emerging today to help SDRs improve is a company called Teamflow

Using Teamflow, groups of SDRs and AEs (or basically anybody in inside sales) join others in a virtual meeting to create a virtual sales floor and start making calls. 

Others in and out of the company can jump in, listen in real-time and offer support, feedback, and advice. 

Similar to the old-school sales “bullpen” of yesteryear, where people used to work together in an office in a group. 

One of the things that sucks about remote work is the feeling of isolation. With this tech, SDRs can hear others making great calls, and also ‘meh’ calls, and terrible calls. It’s all part of the process of getting better. 

Adding a new layer of technology makes it even more useful because when you were in the sales bullpen you only heard one side of the conversation, and not the other. With Teamflow, you can listen to both sides of the conversation. 

This is how the new generation of salespeople learns and interacts online. The trends toward SDR and Inside Sales enablement point in this direction. 

The old-school methodologies of instructor-led training, posting product sheets to your wiki, and offering occasional weekly training, are all helpful, but they are not just-in-time coaching and are not peer-led. They don’t fit the workflow of a new generation. 

A generation raised on video games with instant gratification, and YouTube videos with constant jump cuts have never had the time patience or energy to learn by reviewing slides on their own and listening to boring lectures. 

They want micro-learning, just-in-time training, preferably among their peers in a structured way that includes gamification, collaboration and fun, with awards so that they know they’re constantly making progress.

There are other tools which are chrome extensions that follow along and assist as SDRs are on calls are other micro-learning solutions that are more just in time for the workflow of the SDR. 

However last time I checked they don’t involve the peer-to-peer aspect of something like Teamflow

The potential of a tool like next is really interesting in that they can layer on learning methodologies, training programs, and other job specialties within the inside digital workforce to make it more valuable across the company, more than just salespeople. 

There’s also the Conversation Intelligence layer platforms that could be potentially integrated and used the data that’s being provided across companies on best practices versus just the one company that’s using them. 

This is definitely a space to watch and will be in included on the next Tenbound Market Map -potentially in the Sales Enablement quadrant. 

Teamflow is hosting a webinar this month – sign up here. Find out more about how they use this:

Advancing Your Career as an SDR Manager

December 6th, 2022 @ 10AM PST

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