Mastering Buyer Personas: A Strategic Workshop for GTM Alignment 

Sales Development Consulting

Course Description:

Unlock the secrets to deeper customer engagement with our one-day, interactive workshop designed exclusively for B2B marketers. “Mastering Buyer Personas” delves into the art and science of creating detailed buyer personas, enabling participants to tailor their marketing strategies for heightened relevance and impact. 

This comprehensive course covers everything from initial research to the intricacies of reaching out to potential buyers through various channels. Attendees will learn how to identify and understand the right people who might benefit from their product or service, uncover their unique pain points, and master the techniques of effectively contacting them via social media, email, and phone. 

Through a blend of expert instruction, practical exercises, and collaborative learning, this workshop equips marketers with the tools to build and utilize powerful buyer personas, driving better leads and increasing sales.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  1. Understand Buyer Personas: Grasp the importance of buyer personas in B2B marketing and how they enhance customer targeting and engagement.
  2. Conduct Persona Research: Learn methodologies for gathering detailed insights about potential buyers.
  3. Identify the Right Targets: Discover how to pinpoint the individuals most likely to purchase your product or service.
  4. Analyze Pain Points: Gain skills in identifying and understanding the specific needs and challenges of your target audience.
  5. Engage Effectively Across Channels:  Master the art of communicating with potential buyers through social media, email, and direct calls.
  6. Craft Personalized Messages: Develop the ability to create compelling, personalized messaging that resonates with each buyer persona.
  7. Implement Buyer Personas in Marketing Strategies: Learn how to apply buyer persona insights into your overall marketing strategy for improved outcomes.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Buyer Personas: The what, why, and how of buyer personas in B2B marketing.
  2. Researching Your Buyers: Techniques for collecting data and insights on potential buyers.
  3. Building Your Buyer Persona: Steps for creating detailed and actionable buyer personas.
  4. Understanding Pain Points: How to uncover and articulate the challenges your personas face.
  5. Multi-Channel Engagement: Best practices for reaching out to personas through social media, email, and phone.
  6. Messaging That Resonates: Crafting messages that speak directly to the needs and interests of your personas.
  7. Practical Application Workshop: Participants will apply what they’ve learned to create a buyer persona and develop an outreach strategy.
  8. Integrating Personas into Marketing Campaigns: Using personas to tailor marketing efforts and drive engagement.

Target Audience:

This workshop is perfectly suited for B2B marketers, sales professionals, content creators, and any B2B team members involved in customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. It’s also highly beneficial for startup founders and product managers looking to deepen their market understanding.


A foundational understanding of B2B marketing concepts is recommended. Participants should come prepared with a basic knowledge of their current marketing efforts and target market.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 1 Day (6 hours, including breaks and a networking lunch)
  • Location: In office or online
  • Materials Provided: Comprehensive course materials, including templates and guides, will be provided.
  • Certification: A Tenbound certificate of completion will be awarded to all participants.


Visit our website or contact our education coordinator for more information on enrollment, course fees, and any available discounts. Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, seats are limited to ensure an engaging and personalized experience for all participants. Early registration is advised to secure your spot.