In this episode, David chats with Matt Finneran. Matt is the Co-Founder and CEO of NoteNinja, an AI to record, transcribe, and share your meetings. Prior to NoteNinja, Matt came up with SparkCentral, an engagement and support software dedicated to increase a business’ customer digital engagement. Today, Matt talks about his experience building sales teams from scratch, the tips of the trade he learned from his two startups, and what a game tape is and how it helps him onboard people better.

3 Key Points:
The first question to ask to a person in sales is, “Are you crArchive Descriptioneating curiosity?”
Clearly getting to learn from successful people helps, but often times, the hard work it takes to achieve success is overlooked.
Your work in sales is not a sprint, rather a marathon that you have to be prepared for.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
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01:28 – David introduces Matt to the show
02:28 – NoteNinja started last year
Matt started another company called SparkCentral before NoteNinja
03:23 – How Matt came up with SparkCentral
The need in social media for customer care
They had a traditional model for sales
05:38 – Matt shares building the team in SparkCentral
Recording demos for everyone and then switching to game film
07:11 – Matt’s brother-in-law’s advice
Taking the top people to lunch and checking in with them
09:43 – Matt believes that in hour-long meetings, there are 3 to 4 moments of truth
If you’re getting into sales, hone in to those truths
“A good meeting is just table stakes”
11:51 – The first question you always have to ask, “Are you creating curiosity?”
13:13 – Why a game tape is critical in your role as a coach to your team
13:48 – Matt gives tips to creating a game tape
Use your phone to record
Get a partner and hop on calls
The key is to be in the moment to recognize what could have gone differently
16:53 – Accelerate your growth at The Sales Development Conference on August 31, 2018
17:51 – Start slowly in sales to get things right in the beginning and avoid creating bad habits that will fail you later
18:58 – Self-coaching and self-motivation are things that can help you learn your own voice
20:20 – The amount of hard work required for success is often overlooked
22:36 – “Momentum is tough in the SDR world”
23:21 – Getting back on the phone again after a good one is Matt’s advice to ride momentum
24:37 – “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” — Prepare yourself for workday marathons, not sprints
Set time blocks for yourself
29:02 – David talks about The Pomodoro Method
“It’s easier said than done”
“Discipline begets discipline”
30:20 – Two books David mentioned, The Compound Effect and The Slight Edge
31:32 – “Sales is a transference of energy and passion”
34:14 – Utilize your time
36:55 – The next for Matt: hiring for sales
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Resources Mentioned:
NoteNinja – Matt’s new business where he serves as a CEO
SparkCentral – Matt’s startup prior to NoteNinja
The Compound Effect and The Slight Edge – Two books David recommends