CEOs in Sales Tech with Derek Rey. We delve deep into the evolving landscape of tech sales, focusing on the cutting-edge strategies, tools, and insights that are shaping the future of sales development. David Dulany, and Derek Rey, the founder and CEO of Demand Inc., and the mastermind behind the innovative

Throughout the episode, listeners are treated to an in-depth exploration of how Demand Inc. has propelled businesses forward by generating over $7 billion in pipeline revenue through bespoke sales development services. Derek shares his journey from leading go-to-market efforts for a unicorn startup to creating Demand Inc., and how this journey inspired the development of, a tool designed to leverage AI for identifying and engaging potential clients with unmatched precision.

The episode further discusses the significance of research, copywriting, and experimentation in sales development, and how’s AI-powered capabilities are set to redefine the efficiency and effectiveness of sales outreach. This podcast is an invaluable resource for sales professionals, offering actionable insights and showcasing how embracing technology can lead to unprecedented success in the tech sales arena.