Keenan, a renowned author and founder of A Sales Growth company in a deep dive into the intricacies of sales development in the tech industry. 


The podcast delves into the value of real sales calls for educational purposes, with Keenan  critiquing live pitches based on his Gap Selling methodology. Common pitfalls in sales pitches: a lack of problem identification and the tendency to push products without understanding the client’s needs. Keenan emphasizes the importance of diagnosing a potential client’s issues before attempting to sell, akin to a medical professional diagnosing a patient. He criticizes the sales industry’s focus on product-centric approaches over developing a deep understanding of the client’s business problems and their impacts.


David and Keenan. discuss the challenges in sales training and the disconnect between sales enablement efforts and measurable business outcomes. They argue for a shift towards outcome-oriented sales training, where the success of sales enablement initiatives is directly tied to improvements in key sales metrics. The conversation concludes with actionable advice for sales professionals looking to improve their craft, including the importance of building a problem identification chart and adopting a diagnostic mindset in sales calls.


Listeners of this podcast episode gain a comprehensive understanding of the current sales development landscape, the importance of aligning sales strategies with business outcomes, and practical strategies for enhancing sales effectiveness. Through Keenan and David’s insightful discussion, sales professionals and leaders are equipped with the tools and perspectives needed to thrive in today’s competitive sales environment.