As SVP of Strategy at Sapper Consulting, TJ Macke is on the frontline of the hardcore Sales Development industry… needing to deliver high level results to demanding clients on a weekly basis. 

How does Sapper (and his new venture stay ahead of this demand? People, process and consistent experimentation. Trying, tracking and reporting on new ideas to break through the noise and make connections with the right people at the right accounts. 

Listen to this weeks pod as break down his process and what he’s been working on to further this with 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “First disclaimer…your market segment is like your magnetic North.”

                                                            – TJ Macke

“The best messaging could be understood by a five-year-old.”

                                                            – TJ Macke

“I think video is a hack for building relationship in a time where that can be hard to do.”

                                                            – TJ Macke

Brief Summary

            What is it like to really dig into your prospects and come up with funny, witty, and winning emails that land you meetings? How do you go about consistently strategizing game plans to fit what the client needs?

            TJ Macke is going to tell us a little bit about that and what he does—sending the perfect email to the perfect people at the perfect time.

Today’s Guest: TJ Macke

                         TJ Macke has a very varied background before coming into Sapper. From retail to opening up a coffee shop, he’s afforded a number of invaluable skills that certainly helped him coming into Sapper and now Regie.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out VanillaSoft (00:00)
  • The Tenbound Sales Development Conference 2020 (00:17)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, TJ Macke (01:06)
  • TJ Macke, Sapper and how it all started (01:33)
  • Going into the business world with a wide variety of backgrounds (03:05)
  • Finding that niche that you’re good at and enjoy doing (04:15)
  • Coming up with the idea of funny, witty, conversational (07:25)
    • Jeff Winters and Sapper (08:02)
  • Sending the perfect email to the perfect person at the perfect time (10:21)
  • Sharpening the saw instead of haphazardly sawing away (12:47)
    • Using DISC to drive flavor (15:15)
  • A strong appreciation for buyer personas (15:45)
  • Task delegation or opt for a one-man band? (16:30)
  • A completely org chart of sales development teams (18:48)
  • What to prepare if you’re planning on outsourcing your SDR team (19:28)
  • What to look for before deciding on which company to work with (21:40)
  • What to do if it turns out you’re working with a mismatched company (24:12)
  • The need to be partner-minded to ensure success (26:30)
  • The tool Sapper couldn’t live without (27:55)
  • Video tools are underrated (29:05)
    • Using video to step out of your comfort zone (31:28)
  • Perfect is the enemy of good (33:15)
  • How to get in touch with TJ Macke (34:32)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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