Throughout his career, @Calvin Patterson has studied the art and science of Sales Development through trial-n-error, certifications, courses, and organizations focused on performance improvement. 

While most SDRs look at the job as a temporary stop on the way to bigger better things, this is actually damaging to their careers. Listen in as Calvin explains the benefits of his lifelong journey of education in the Sales profession. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think it’s important to go out there and do the research on what are top sales books
                        to read, what are top sales podcasts.”

                                                            – Calvin Patterson

            I always tell people it’s so easy to grow your network. You just have to be willing to
                        put in the time.”

                                                            – Calvin Patterson

Brief Summary

People get into sales in a number of ways. Some stumble by it, some walk into it, and some actively pursuit careers in it. Today’s guest, Calvin Patterson, had his view of sales turned 180° in college, and has since then grew his career in a series of certifications, courses, and organizations.

Today’s Guest: Calvin Patterson

                         Calvin Patterson found a love for sales as an undergrad student. Having been in competitions and exposure to sales early on, he has built his career around sales and has helped people reach their full potentials—both in career and in life.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the week’s guest, Calvin Patterson (00:38)
  • How Calvin Patterson got into sales development and into Mixpanel (01:00)
    • Introduction to sales started at school (01:47)
    • Sales education programs in colleges and universities (03:33)
  • Undergrad sales exposure and launching Pi Sigma Epsilon (05:05)
  • Recruiting was part of the sales process (08:30)
  • Pi Sigma Epsilon and what they do (09:25)
    • Participating in sales competitions and walking away with job offers (11:35)
  • The desire to feel like you’re making an overall impact (14:15)
  • Networking and how people can build relationships (16:15)
  • Choosing the sales career vs. being thrown into a sales career (17:48)
    • Finding good mentors (19:13)
    • Put in the time to reach out and build your network (21:56)
    • Leverage your message with being personal (24:13)
  • Networking with the potential clients (24:55)
    • Using different platforms to connect with people (26:40)
  • The balance between pushing but not overwhelming (28:40)
  • Mastering figuring out whether or not your clients have the pain you’re appealing to (29:53)
  • The sticky spots SDR’s are put in (30:38)
    • Inbound vs. outbound, where to start? (31:31)
  • Company cultures and starting in inbound vs. outbound (32:11)
  • Taking it up a notch and sorting out databases (34:44)
  • Closing remarks and where to catch Calvin Patterson and his resources (35:28)

 List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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