Armand Farrokh has crushed his roles in Sales Development, Sales and now Management. 

How did he rise the ranks and go on to share his knowledge and experience through coaching and his new podcast on Sales effectiveness?

Jump in this week as we dive into how his attitude, energy and focus on skill development has led to his meteoric rise!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “You constantly push your own development, and you fight to be number one
                        every single day. And that’s how you accelerate your career.”

                                                            – Armand Farrokh                

            “My goal is not to make my style everybody’s style.”

                                                            – Armand Farrokh

 Brief Summary

             As a sales leader, how do you train and motivate your team to propel them to new heights? What kind of attitude and mindset do you have to pull yourself and your team to better versions of yourselves?

Today’s Guest:

                         Armand Farrokh is a young sales professional with an impressive track record. After winning Entrepreneur of the Year for his startup, he went on to venture into sales where he aims to become an even better-rounded sales professional. He is now the Director of Sales, SMB and SDR at Carta.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Armand Farrokh (00:40)
  • How Armand got into sales, SMB, and running his own team (01:00)
  • Push your own development (02:27)
  • Armand’s start up venture that he wouldn’t trade for the world (02:48)
  • Post startup, the thought process going into VC (03:44)
    • The desire to be a well-rounded professional (04:15)
  • Sales and absolutely crushing it at Carta (05:07)
  • Where to start at a known industry with a new company (06:02)
    • Something to keep consistent (06:48)
  • From consistency to making it better (07:46)
    • Where people screw up in calls (08:25)
    • It starts with the opener (09:10)
    • Talk about the problems, not the features (10:10)
  • Armand’s approach to training other SDR’s (11:15)
  • Lengthening the call to get to the point you talk about the problems (12:49)
    • Compress the cold calls and lead with the problem (13:40)
  • The goal of the initial cold call (13:55)
  • Dealing with different personalities and different experience levels (15:03)
    • The passion (15:55)
    • The industry knowledge (16:25)
    • The personality (17:32)
  • Figuring out someone’s passion during an interview (18:04)
  • How to find out if a potential hire did their homework enough (20:20)
  • How do you know they’re self-studying and making progress on their own? (21:45)
  • Dealing with performance issues (23:28)
    • Where people screw up with their top performers (24:32)
  • Empathy to expected failures (25:28)
  • Armand’s near-future plans to get through this crisis (26:25)
  • The 30 minutes to President’s Club Podcast (28:16)
  • Closing notes and where to find Armand (29:17)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

  • Armand Farrokh
  • LinkedIn | Carta
  • Carta
  • 30 Minutes to President’s Club

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