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Prior to joining HG Insights, Derrick Williams was a sought after consultant, specialising in Sales Development performance improvement.

After implementing several successful projects, he was brought on board by HG Insights full time.

He still brings that high-level consulting view to how he approaches Sales Development problems.

Listen in as he dissects the issues and applies his solutions, while leveraging HG Insights, all the way through his process.

This one is packed with practical tips!  Check it out.

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Sales development, as you know, sits right between sales and marketing and can be that bridge. An effective SDR manager is able to do that effectively. And it’s not easy—it’s definitely a full-time job everyday, all day.”

                                                            – Derrick Williams

Brief Summary

            Doing sales development work—especially outbound sales—is hard. It’s a demanding job that takes up a lot of time and is mentally and emotionally taxing. Nonetheless, it’s a rewarding job. Knowing it’s a difficult job, would you entertain the prospect of a tool that can make the grind easier? To elaborate on how that happens, we’re talking to Derrick Williams, Director of Mid-Market Sales over at HG Insights.

Today’s Guest: Derrick Williams

                         Derrick Williams has built sales development organizations from the ground up countless times before he decided to start an independent consulting firm until he found a good fit in HG Insights where he served as the Director of Mid-Market Sales as he supports organizational growth by increasing sales productivity and annual revenues.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out the 2019 Tenbound Sales Development Conference (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Derrick Williams (01:02)
  • HG Insights and how they help sales development (01:35)
    • HG Insights forming activities for sales development (02:40)
  • The time it takes to narrow down and curate prospects (03:38)
  • Finding new potential territory with HG Insights (04:50)
  • How HG Insights is displayed to SDRs (05:46)
  • How HG Insights works with sales engagement platforms (07:22)
    • Tech interest fields dialed into the lead records (08:00)
  • Look forward to HG Insight’s upcoming webinar! (11:03)
  • HG Insights makes more for the sales development world (11:46)
    • Leverage HG Insight’s Chrome Plugin: HG Focus (12:20)
  • Derrick Williams, sales development, and HG Insights (13:42)
    • HG Data was a naturally good fit (16:32)
  • The first few steps to building an SDR organization (19:00)
  • Explaining outbound and its difficulty and the time it takes to be successful at it (21:05)
  • Treat work like unpacking a consulting project (23:13)
  • When the bigger picture starts falling to the wayside (25:12)
  • Cracking the code to bridge the gap between marketing and sales (27:35)
  • Getting HG Insights set up for your operations (29:15)
  • HG Insights supports the flow between departments (31:12)
  • Getting the messaging across, not from a brown bag lunch training (33:18)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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