It’s fitting to bring home Episode 100 with none other than a legend in our industry, Ralph Barsi.

Through his work in Sales Development, Ralph has been a positive force in the lives of so many Sales Development professionals it’s hard to keep count. Myself included.

Ralph is also very active in philanthropy, volunteering and plays a mean drum solo!

Listen in as we discuss how Ralph conceptualizes his Sales Development programs and drives them to consistent success year after year, while at the same time making a positive difference in his teams’ lives and the community at large.

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Notable Quotes: 

            “As I see our practice, our world, that we’re in gaining momentum, gaining importance, gaining a real seat at the table…I see nothing but a positive momentum in the sales development world. So this podcast and the content that we put out through Tenbound will remain laser-focused on sales development.”

                                                            – David Dulany

“The tenure of your VP of Sales, the tenure of your CMO is shortening. All the studies that come out on these positions, if you are not understanding how important sales development is, polish up your resume because if you’re not creating sales appointments, pipeline, and converting to revenue, be careful because it’s more important than wherever else we’re spending our time on.”

                                                            – David Dulany

Brief Summary

            The Sales Development Podcast finally makes it 100th episode—and that’s definitely cause for celebration. In commemoration of the feat, we’re doing something a little bit different. Our host, David Dulany, shows up on the other side of the call as a guest! Interviewed by Ralph Barsi, we take a retrospective look at the past 100 episodes, and we look to the future of not just the podcast, but of sales development as well.

Today’s Guest: David Dulany

From having built a sales development program from scratch to becoming a Director of Sales Development at two companies, David Dulany is now Founder and CEO of Tenbound—a research and advisory firm 100% dedicated to sales development. Not only that, he also shares a treasure trove of knowledge by hosting The Sales Development Podcast, iTunes’ #1 podcast for sales development.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out the 2019 Tenbound Sales Development Conference (00:00)
  • Ralph Barsi introduces the episode’s guest, David Dulany (00:58)
  • David Dulany, Tenbound, and helping sales development professionals (01:22)
  • A retrospective look of the past 99 podcast episodes (02:40)
  • What sales development still needs to improve on (05:05)
  • The concept of the Chief Sales Development Officer (07:22)
  • Preserving the all-important pipeline (09:02)
  • Where David Dulany plans to go next with the podcast (09:44)
  • Podcasts that David Dulany listens to and recommends (13:15)
  • David’s thoughts on sales reps who are building a stronger impression, image, and brand (14:56)
    • Ralph’s challenge for David (16:48)
    • David’s challenge for everyone (18:48)
  • Harnessing your time in a way that benefits you the most (20:30)
  • A new challenge and the strengths that only you have (22:04)
  • David’s advice as we tackle the next hundred podcast episodes (25:20)
  • Ralph lets David close off the episode (28:51)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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