What does it take to truly excel in Sales Development Leadership? 

Dan Alteri came up the ranks in a different way than most, through customer success.  

Listen in hear as we discuss how customer success shapes his view on helping prospects learn about how his team can help, knowing the customer pain points and the importance of putting together a well trained team. 

Learn from this up and coming Sales Dev leader! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “If you ask me what I love about sales development, I love being able to make people money…being able to change somebody’s life financially. I think it’s fun.”

                                                            – Dan Altieri

“My rule of thumb is if I’m going to bring somebody onto my team, I’ve gotta be sold on them. If I’m sold on them, then I will do whatever it takes to help them to get to be successful in the position and ideally, I want them to be able to go on and do something more.”
                                                            – Dan Altieri

“I would just encourage anybody listening to this, invest in people and be invested in because talk about career development and growth and helping you to focus…you need people that see in your blind spots, you need to be that person that helps see somebody else’s blind spots. If I can say anything about focus, it’s find great people that will help to keep you on track.”
                                                            – Dan Altieri    

Brief Summary

            What does it mean to do great as a sales development leader? Is it just screening the right people? Is it always making sure your pipeline is filled? Is it marshalling your SDRs and ensuring they’re hitting their numbers? Or is it investing in your SDRs so that they could grow and be the best fit for your company?

            In this episode of The Sales Development Podcast, we’re talking to Ivalua’s Director of Sales Development, Dan Altieri, to talk about how it is and what it’s like to build a sales development team from the ground up and being one of your top brass’s most trusted people.

Today’s Guest: Dan Altieri

                         Dan Altieri is a sales development professional who has worked and has been mentored in both sales and marketing. Today, he’s found his passion for helping people and has since been leveraging that passion by recruiting great talents and developing their skills to accelerate in their careers.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The third annual Sales Development Conference (00:20)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Dan Altieri (00:58)
  • Dan Altieri, sales development, and Ivalua (01:36)
  • What Dan Altieri likes about sales development (05:16)
  • Using Dan’s Labor Relations degree in sales development (07:12)
  • Dan’s philosophy for recruiting (08:18)
  • Balancing out the need to fill out SDR positions and getting quality talents (09:40)
    • Having the split model (10:15)
  • Concurrently running third party appointment setting and in-house (13:50)
  • Where Dan Altieri outsources (15:32)
  • Building trust with the upper management and going with the split model (17:06)
  • The trust that comes with agreeing to outsource (19:46)
  • Dan’s thought process in building out a sales development program (22:47)
  • Jumping in vs. doing the job for a while first (25:26)
  • Dan Altieri’s advice on how to keep focused (28:28)
  • Dan’s recommendations for people who want to play racquetball (32:36)
  • Out-of-work trust building (33:55)
  • How and where to keep in touch with Dan Altieri (35:25)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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