This week we have Sales Development legend Steven Broudy on the podcast as our special guest. 

If you’ve ever seen Steven speak at a conference or met him live, you know he’s an intense individual. His story is truly fascinating. 

How do you go from an Army Special Ops Leader to the tech leader? We dig in to that here. 

He’s brought that same Army discipline, intensity and transparency to lead rocketship programs at series of high performing tech companies. 

In this conversation, we dig in to how he’s been able to do that and offer some great advice for anyone in transition with an interest in the tech industry and leadership. A great episode. 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I was at [my bestfriend’s] house, and it was 8:00 PM and it was time to go home, and he was literally like—I shouldn’t say I was at his house, I was like at his mansion and sea cliff—and his maid was going to give me a ride to the bus stop so I can get on Muni and take two buses home. And I remember getting in the car and looking at his house and saying, pardon my French, but, screw this. I don’t want to die poor. And I think had I never decided, I probably would have never found my way back into sales.”

                                                            – Steven Broudy

“We were hiring less than 1% of the people who applied for the role. The bar was so high that we figured, if we’re going to make such a massive investment in bringing the best people on board, we need to make a massive investment of giving them opportunities to continue to learn and grow and realize a level of mastery in sales.”

                                                            – Steven Broudy 

“In a fixed mindset, you really view failure as failure, versus you view it as an opportunity to get better. You like externalize blame when you have a fixed mindset versus internalized responsibility and think about how you can actually get it better.”

                                                            – Steven Broudy           

Brief Summary

             What’s the hiring secret behind growing, successful companies? A very strict filter, that’s what. Today’s guest, Steven Broudy, talks about how he’s building the best, most successful sales teams at Bevy.

Today’s Guest: Steven Broudy

                        Former army special operations sniper team leader Steven Broudy turned to sales and has since then build and grown successful sales orgs who have risen the ranks in different silos. Today, he uses his knowledge and skills in filtering in only the best players to fill his sales teams.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • The 3rd Tenbound Conference (00:30)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Steven Broudy (00:58)
  • How Steven Broudy got into sales and sales development (02:40)
  • Keeping, cultivating, and continuing with the density of talent (17:45)
  • Breaking through the fixed mindset (21:08)
  • Claiming to have a growth mindset but actually having a fixed mindset (23:18)
  • Balancing the need to hire more SDRs and maintaining the quality (24:04)
  • Where to start to turn things around when nothing seems to work (27:45)
  • The sales org losing respect from the execs and everyone else (30:22)
  • Changing the messaging to react to the changing buyer journey (33:30)
  • Going into a community as someone who brings value (38:45)
  • Genuinely being curious and genuinely wanting to help (42:50)
  • Where to get in touch with Steven Broudy (45:26)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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