The Sales Development Podcast

Episode 108: Steven Broudy

This week we have Sales Development legend Steven Broudy on the podcast as our special guest. 

If you’ve ever seen Steven speak at a conference or met him live, you know he’s an intense individual. His story is truly fascinating. 

How do you go from an Army Special Ops Leader to the tech leader? We dig in to that here. 

He’s brought that same Army discipline, intensity and transparency to lead rocketship programs at series of high performing tech companies. 

In this conversation, we dig in to how he’s been able to do that and offer some great advice for anyone in transition with an interest in the tech industry and leadership. A great episode. 

Big thanks to @Darryl Praill of @VanillaSoft for support of the Sales Development podcast. Check out their new Sales Engagement solutions here…

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