If you’ve been in the Sales Development community for any time, you know about Pete Kazanjy.

He not only runs the premier Sales community Modern Sales Pros, but also his new venture AtriumHQ and is an avid political volunteer. 

His ability to bring together the top minds in Sales with his community Modern Sales Pros has accelerated our profession to a new level. I was curious as to what it takes to build such a successful community today. 

Listen in as he breaks down how he conceptualized this community, the steps to create it, and what makes it a more successful than most. Gold! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think that the key insight here is that sales is going from something that was more of a voodoo magic, not super clear what the repeatability was, maybe more of a black art back in the day to more scientific, more repeatable, more scalable, more operationally excellent, and I don’t think that that trend is changing anytime soon.”

                                                            – Peter Kazanjy      

Brief Summary

             When you’re pumped up and very much passionate and enjoying doing your job, you’re probably going to want to talk to people who are on the same boat as you—passionate, pumped up, and most of all, thoughtful.

            In this episode of The Sales Development Podcast, we’re talking to the founder of The Modern Sales Pros community, Peter Kajanzy, to talk about how the community went from a couple of hundred people to a little over fifteen thousand people in five years.

Today’s Guest: Peter Kazanjy

                         Peter Kazanjy has founded multiple companies and has been working to consistently improve his expertise on sales and sales operations. In his thirst to seek more education to further sharpen his expertise, he started Modern Sales Pros, a community where sales operations, sales leaderships and management can both share their own expertise learn from their peers.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Peter Kazanjy (00:58)
  • Pete Kazanjy, Atrium: what it does and how it helps sales professionals (01:20)
  • The good work Atrium has been doing (03:08)
  • Modern Sales Pros: what it is and how it came to be (04:03)
  • Moder Sales Pros: the white-hot center of the next generation of sales professionals (07:37)
  • Keeping the interactions organic to maximize comfort (11:37)
  • Having questions and getting thoughtful answers from the community (15:05)
  • Policing the Modern Sales Pros community (18:40)
  • How to go about joining the Modern Sales Pros community (20:48)
  • Why Pete thinks people go onto the community to diligently answer questions (21:48)
  • Being very nuanced in the way the community is managed (26:22)
  • A next book idea: how to build a community (30:12)
  • What happens in the Modern Sales Pros live events (31:32)
  • Staying with the Google group (34:30)
  • Where to get Peter Kazanjy’s book, Founding Sales (37:25)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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