Outsourced Sales Development can be a critical part of your Sales Dev strategy. 

It brings together many trends we see in the economy today: technology, distributed workforce, economic efficiently, and the openness of information around the globe. 

David Henzel and his firm, TaskDrive, have created a first-class process around running Sales Development today, using all the new abilities we have available. 

Gone are the days of rows and rows of SDRs all in an office together cranking out cold calls. Today it’s world-wide, 24-7 and technology enabled. 

Listen in as we dive in to how he’s created this machine and how you can use some of these tips in your Sales Dev strategy. 


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Notable Quotes: 

            “This is also why I went into a people business because I want to provide people a good job where they can learn and grow. So I’m not necessarily in this to just make a boatload of money. It’s also the social aspect and enjoying working with people. I’m big on building good culture in the company, so it’s a high priority for me to treat people well give everybody a good experience.”

                                                            – David Henzel

Brief Summary

            So you’ve heard about outsourcing SDRs and maybe you’re a bit wary of how the whole thing works. But just imagine—your in-house SDR team doesn’t have to scrape through LinkedIn just to find leads. They can just sit back, have leads given to them, and put their time into the higher-value activities like outreaching and closing those deals!

            In this episode of The Sales Development Podcast, we have serial entrepreneur David Henzel to give us a bit of a walkthrough on why you should consider hiring an outsourced SDR team.

Today’s Guest: David Henzel

                        David Henzel has started and grown companies over the past how many years. His passion for helping people and companies grow and reach their max potential has brought him to where he is now—owner of TaskDrive, where they make in-house SDR teams’ lives easier while providing good jobs and good experiences to people.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, David Henzel (00:58)
  • David Henzel, the outsourcing space, and TaskDrive (01:20)
  • Integrating an outsourced sales development organization into an in-house sales development organization (03:15)
  • What kind of information the lead researchers look for and deliver (05:10)
  • An easy tip to personalizing the emails (06:15)
  • Working remote and having the freedom where to work (08:11)
  • How the lead researchers deliver the information (10:03)
  • SDR’s are given a day’s worth of research and all that’s left to do is interact (10:34)
  • TaskDrive and getting started is an easy plug and play (12:02)
    • The process of starting up with TaskDrive (13:18)
  • What CDN stands for and what it does (15:53)
  • How long TaskDrive’s been around (17:37)
  • Future plans for TaskDrive (18:43)
  • The increase in automation and the fear for SDRs (19:36)
  • Looking at potential automation points (21:09)
  • A win-win situation with TaskDrive’s model (23:08)
  • TaskDrive’s Sales Development Rep package option (24:40)
  • Cool Tool Friday (25:50)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

  • David Henzel
  • TaskDrive
  • Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com by Aaron Ross, Marylou Tyler
               Get it on Barnes and Noble | Walmart | Amazon

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