Jeff Haber takes a refreshing approach to Sales Development Leadership: he’s what you could call a Servant Leader.  

This leadership style has led to a series of high performing and successful teams. Definitely one to watch.

How does Jeff conceptualize his team culture, operationalize it, and keep it positive and productive over time? As other Sales Development programs fail, how does he maintain such productivity? 

Listen in as we go deep on these topics and more, including Jeff’s surfing habit! 

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think sales development is a really great bench for people who want to learn about the business of software because once you learn how to interact with prospects and customers, that knowledge carries you far in any kind of business relationship, whether you’re in the finance department, whether you’re in customer success, whether you’re in sales, et cetera.”

                                                            – Jeff Haber

Brief Summary

            One of the great things about being in a startup or a small company is that you get a say and a hand on how to run things and how to mold that company’s culture. Imagine having the power and capability to get rid of all the friction points in the company so everyone’s optimized towards the same goal but also having fun at the same time.

            That’s the kind of belief that Jeff Haber is bringing into reality with his style of leadership over at TigerGraph.           

Today’s Guest: Jeff Haber

            Jeff Haber has worked with surfboard manufacturing and in software before he landed his first sales job at Alation. There, he fell in love with sales, sales development, and watching people grow. Now at TigerGraph, he helps mold the company culture by getting rid of friction points and turning the work environment into an open and fun place to be—that also hits their numbers!

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Jeff Haber (00:58)
  • Jeff Haber and how he got into the sales development space (01:32)
  • The first place Jeff would look to start building a sales development program in a company (03:55)
    • A big believer of work-life balance (06:00)
    • The multivariate quality criteria (07:35)
    • Doing a high-level overview (10:50)
    • Routing leads by company name (11:40)
  • Where to start working on system bottlenecks (13:10)
    • Ramping up with the whole team (14:15)
    • Constant, continuous process optimization (15:30)
  • Keeping your SDRs happy, productive, and executing (16:50)
  • How to make sure your hybrid SDRs are doing outbounds along with their inbounds (19:05)
  • What a high-performance culture is and how people can model that (22:16)
  • Bridging the subject matter expertise gap (26:03)
  • The alignment of interest in the subject matter and how good the company is to its employees (30:15)
  • The value SDRs can learn in their spaces and domains (33:55)
  • Getting a sense of where your SDRs want to go and help pave the way for them (36:30)
  • Someone who wants to be and SDR and stay an SDR (39:27)
  • Promoting a culture of inclusion, diversity, and experiencing life (42:30)
  • What Jeff would do if he never had to work a day in his life again (50:30)
  • Where to get in touch with Jeff Haber (54:33)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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