You hire a group of eager SDRs, you get them all the equipment and bells and whistles, did some basic training, everyone has matching T-shirts. 

Should be good to go, right?

As we’ve seen repeatedly, not really. 

Something missing we see out there all the time at Tenbound: Coaching.

This week on the podcast, we have a true leader in the Sales Development Coaching space, Eli Perkins. He leads a team of sellers and puts coaching, mentorship and training at the forefront to achieve consistent results. 

Listen in as we dissect how to achieve those results with a regular coaching program.

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Notable Quotes: 

            “Another thing that really is vital when you’re joining the company is, do you really believe in what this company is offering the clients? Is it really helping the client get better, make progress, reach their goals, help them solve problems? Because when you believe in the solution—and not just the solution by itself, but as it relates in alliance with customer’s needs—then you’re in a great spot to be successful.”

                                                            – Eli Perkins

Brief Summary

             In the digital age, with the emails and chats, so much depth in human connections and conversations is lost. More so when you’re operating remotely, and the responsibility of guidance falls onto your shoulders as a leader. In this episode, Eli Perkins from Franklin Covey tells us how he sets up his team for success.

Today’s Guest: Eli Perkins

                        Eli Perkins started his sales career at Dell, and from there, he learned the skills needed to become what he is today: an experienced organizational leader in charge of managing remote sales teams across fifteen states as the Director of Sales and Business Development under the brand of Franklin Covey.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Eli Perkins (00:58)
  • Eli Perkins, Dell, and how he got into sales (01:24)
  • The pull of sales and why Eli chose to be in sales (02:30)
  • What Eli liked about sales and the challenges in sales (03:48)
  • Making the jump from Dell to Franklin Covey (06:37)
  • What it’s like to share with the company’s values (08:12)
  • What if you’re an employee who’s sticking to a so-so company out of necessity? (09:21)
    • Start with things you can control (10:12)
  • Taking note of what you’re surrounding yourself with (12:08)
  • Managing remote employees and making it as positive an experience as possible (13:03)
    • Build a solid foundation of trust (13:52)
    • Mentorship and best practices (14:25)
  • Benefits and challenges with a fully remote workforce (16:15)
  • The digital age, the benefits and the flipside (20:35)
  • The mindset of generosity (23:50)
  • The mindset of service (27:23)
  • Improving the conversations you have (30:24)
    • Intrigue, inspire, intrigue (31:08)
    • Inspiring with showing who you are as a person (37:04)
  • When your enthusiasm and passion aren’t reciprocated (40:26)
  • Where to get in touch with Eli Perkins(44:06)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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