The Sales Development Podcast with David Dulany and Jeff Davis, author of the new book Create Togetherness- now available on Amazon!

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Notable Quotes: 

            “We’re going to have to start looking at efficiencies and effectiveness and productivity and helping people get better at selling and marketing because the reality of things is that the relationship between the modern buyer and seller has completely changed. And that’s what most companies are not addressing.”
                                                            – Jeff Davis

“I always look at misalignment as the cancer. Misalignment eats at the core of your business because what it does is it sucks your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, and many times you don’t feel it until it’s too late.”
                                                            – Jeff Davis

“It’s only when sales and marketing leaders sit down and understand complete pipeline—everything from that first touch of a marketing piece of collateral or event or whatever, it may be, all the way to close—that we can start focusing on optimization.”
                                                            – Jeff Davis           

Brief Summary

            It’s no secret that sales and marketing don’t get along all the time. In some cases, you can ask a salesperson what marketing does, and you’d be met with a politely blank stare—and vice versa. That’s something Jeff Davis noticed and wants to do something about: aligning sales and marketing to get us better results.

Today’s Guest: Jeff Davis

                         Jeff Davis is a marketer with the soul of a salesperson. He saw the misalignment between sales and marketing and aims to put the two together and align them to make sure everyone in is rowing in the same direction. He recently released his book, Creating Togetherness.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Jeff Davis (00:58)
  • Jeff Davis, frustration, and Create Togetherness (01:55)
  • The strategic roadmap for alignment (03:30)
  • Seeing the misalignment between sales and marketing (04:40)
  • Sticking your neck out and getting the ball rolling (06:08)
  • Addressing the comfort and the adamance to change (08:40)
  • Jeff’s opinion on reformatting company structures (10:44)
  • Using the SKO time to kick off some of the changes (12:52)
  • What marketers should expect from sales (14:35)
  • Letting the people in sales know about what marketing and leadership are investing on (16:35)
  • Are the metrics we used to use still relevant now? (18:00)
  • The importance of seeing the whole picture before zeroing in on a single metric (20:04)
  • Where the sales development fits into the whole picture (21:33)
  • Where the BRDs, inbounds, and outbounds should report to—marketing or sales (23:35)
  • Customizing the customer experience with alignment (24:50)
  • Figuring out why sales and marketing’s relationship is dysfunctional (26:12)
  • Aerate the silos in the SKO’s (28:34)
  • How to get your hands on Jeff’s book and how to get in touch with Jeff (30:24)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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